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About Dr. Ulmer

E. G. “Nick” Ulmer, Jr., MD CPC FAAFP is a practicing Family Medicine physician who became a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) after a series of business classes led him to realize that economic survival hinged on correct documentation, coding, and billing. In 2002, he was one of only 16 physicians in America with the “MD CPC” title. After 17 years of a blended inpatient/outpatient career, he transitioned to an outpatient office practice so he could be more involved in “business and operations”. His administrative roles include extensive work in educating providers on coding, documentation, population health, quality, and care transition management.

“As physicians, we spend countless hours digesting information to aid us in managing disease states that shorten the lives of our patients. In this “new age” of healthcare, we are expected to promote quality while managing cost and simultaneously providing excellent service as we engage our patients. The obligations that come with our profession include long days and endless nights of caring for the needs of others instead of our own. The COVID pandemic added another layer of complexity to our duties and to the stress of our clinical existence.

We chose the field of medicine because we want to give… to make a difference… to have a positive impact on those around us. But, we lack some of the tools to effectively manage the profession successfully – not clinical tools, but business ones. Contributing to the problem is a lack of time to understand and master these business tools – tools we were not given in training – and apply them in the workplace.

In this ever-changing competitive market of shrinking bottom lines and increasing management demands, clinicians often find the administrative stress a heavy imposition on our work-life balance.

We need to lessen the stresses of the business of medicine.

 We need to redirect our focus on the art of medicine.

 That’s why I formed Protime.”

                                               – E. G. “Nick” Ulmer, Jr., MD CPC FAAFP

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