Introduction – Gardner-Webb University Practice Enhancement PA Pilot and Pre Test

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Welcome to the Gardner-Webb University Practice Enhancement PA Pilot Program. It’s a true honor to have this opportunity to work with you.

Some important notes for you to be aware of prior to beginning your sessions:

The education sessions speak about “CME”, but that does not apply to you. It’s just a formality for this pilot and easier for me to leave it in instead of cutting it out.  The post tests ARE required, however, so take them after you view the session.  Some sessions have “Resource” folders associated with them.  In these folders are handouts and reference materials that may help with understanding the session.  Please review these as well when present.

You will need to complete Session 00, which is an attestation statement, in order to advance through the program, even though you will not be receiving CME credits. This will “unlock” the rest of the sessions.

Also, you must take the pre-assessment test below before you begin any of the sessions. Remember, do your best, but understand most of this will be new territory.